Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Fact Check

Last week, I received a letter from cartoonist Chester Brown regarding Joe Fiorito's most recent column on The Rabble, "Life on Toronto's streets is no cartoon." Here it is:

Below, you'll find the print version of Mr. Brown's letter and the online version of the text can be read here.

I'd also like to correct two errors the Star made, but failed to point out.

The first is that the photo caption from the letters page above reads, "Artist Jason Kieffer and his work." I am not a graffiti artist.

The other is that Fiorito got the location of my talk wrong. The event took place at the Central on Markham, not the Victory on Markham. For Fiorito's error, see below:

If you'd like to read an interesting, well-written account of my talk, you should check out James Harrison's write-up in Plaid Magazine. For other reviews and discussions of my work, check out this page.


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